We have a STUDIO in Tacoma!

WOW! its been more than a month since my last blog! ACK! I really will get more consistent with this I know it! But for my first post in a while i am SUPER excited for it to be this one!

WE HAVE A STUDIO! Its this super sweet little space in downtown Tacoma that is PERFECT for newborn, baby, boudoir and even family or seniors! Its also great to have this early part of the year since our weather is SO unpredictable! Here are some great shots that I have been able to capture there in the short time that I have had this studio!


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angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-15 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-14 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-22 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-23angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-20 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-24 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-26 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-27 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-29 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-30 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-31 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-33 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-34 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-35 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-36 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-38



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Boudoirangieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-2 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-3 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-4 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-8 angieandpaulseattletacomaphotographer-9

And what is amazing about the studio is the location! It is in the heart of my favorite places to shoot in the awesome city of Tacoma! Here are some shots from the surrounding areas!
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These are just a few! I am SO incredibly thrilled about this and I am ready to start booking you all NOW! :) So get in touch with me to schedule! Spots are limited as I share this space with a few other amazing photographers!!!


My thanks you’s and Wishes // lifestyle family photographer

Some of the greatest advice ever given to me was to be careful what you write/post/share online because once it is written it will ALWAYS be there. Good or bad! So you need to be careful what you say, how you say it, where you post it because if you decided that you may have been rude, or came across wrong, or a posted personal opinion that others may not agree with, its too late to take it back, it’s out there, in cyberspace, FOREVER! This advice has saved me a time or two, that’s for sure. BUT today? Today i want everything I am about to write to be saved forever, out in the world, for all to read and to remember. As it is about one of my GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS in life. Evan.

TODAY is my sons SIXTH birthday. He is my first born. He is my world changer. He is my second first love. I know he is only six and cannot read this but maybe one day he will. And I feel that, with all of the changes we have had in this last year that this birthday deserves my “Thank You’s and Wishes for you” birthday blog post.

As most of you know, the very end of 2013 we added Owen Charles to our beautiful family (my third first love). AND some of you may have read my other personal blog post (here) about my life and business changes and i touched a little bit on the fact that becoming a family of four has had its challenges FOR SURE. Owen has demanded so much of my time this past year (and i would NOT change that for one second) but the most amazing part of last year has all to do with EVAN! SO here it is, my letter to you sweet boy!

Dear Evan,

I know all parents say this BUT all parents mean it when they say, “i still remember that first moment I held you!” and that is because the overwhelming love and joy and pride and fear we all feel is so strong that it becomes engraved in our mind as one of the most amazing moments in history, and who could forget one of the most amazing moments in history? NOT ME! babyevannewborn

I want you to know how thankful I am that God blessed me with YOU as my baby!

Thank you for your beautiful smile. It was you, and you alone, that pushed me to go after MY dreams! You gave me a reason to pick up a camera “for real” and want to learn and grow in my passion so i could capture the essence of you, savor you as a baby, toddler, kid. So I cannot say thank you enough for that. An adult finding and carrying out their own passion and doing what they love as a career is not only rare but it is one of the greatest gifts one can have and you, my sweet little baby, gave it to me!



Thank you for your curiosity. You zest for life and your desire to learn amazes me! And to add on to that, how fast you learn is shocking. Keep exploring, learning, watching and growing.


Thank you for your stories, your wit, and sharing your creative mind. You have helped me open my ears and not my mouth. You have always, since a young age, had so much to say. And i am thankful i listened. You make me laugh, and even cry (happy tears), with all the funny, sweet and creative things you tell me. Keep your creative mind flowing and never deprive the world of ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY!




Thank you for being my first model! It warms my heart to think of all the fun places we’ve explored, things we’ve done and while doing so, you let me practice my “skills” at the same time. Memories made that will be locked in my heart forever and in digital format for me to revisit many times over and over!

fall firstmodel


Thank you for your passion. You may now, as a child, throw a ‘passionate’ fit here and there (ok, maybe more than here and there). BUT that just proves you have so much passion! Once you grow, and find what make you happy, you will direct this passion towards it and that will make you unstoppable! Never loose your passion!


THANK YOU for being the most amazing big brother ever. I am so blessed and so thankful that you have welcomed Owen with open arms since before he was even born! Evan, i know that he takes up a ton of my time, time that use to be all yours and you have handled it gracefully and maturely. You have never once complained. You have been my little helper from day one! you will NEVER know the depth of my love for you and it only makes it stronger watching you play with Owen, teach him and love him. You are the best role model for him and i pray he will know how lucky he is to have you as his big brother. I also pray that your guys’ bond will be forever and ever and just get stronger and stronger!

bigbrother withowen

Thank you for trying new things outside of your comfort zone! These times are what help build your self esteem, courage and adaptability. I never want to see you embarrassed or scared but it is in those crucial moments that you will find your abilities and strength. Keep on trying new things, they don’t all have to stick, but from each new experience you will learn something valuable from it!

tkdAND thank you….{sigh}…..thank you for LOVING ME! I dream, and pray, and hope, and yearn for the assurance that i am doing right by you! You are my world, my baby, my first born. I am the luckiest mother in the world and I want you to know that! Even though my time and efforts are now divided between you and your brother, that doesn’t mean they are cut in half, it means they have doubled. I know I may be a little overbearing, neurotic, and simply emotional when it comes to you and your brother but know that it comes from the deepest goodness of my heart. I will never stop loving you and will be here for you always.

I hope we stay close forever. longhair5thbday

Happy birthday buddy. Mama is SO proud of you! now go and conquer the world!!!


Love always and forever.





Angie and Paul SEAHAWKS GIVEAWAY!!! // seattle lifestyle photographers


And we are just under ONE WEEK away from SUPER BOWL SUNDAY where our amazing team is competing again in HUGE HOPES for a DOUBLE Super Bowl win! #rePete 

In honor of this BIG moment we wanted to celebrate with a BIG giveaway! If they WIN we will be giving away THREE (in honor of the one and only Russell Wilson #3) $75 GIFT CERTIFICATES towards a lifestyle session PLUS 12 (in honor of the 12th man) BONUS DIGITAL images with your session*

THAT is a HUGE bonus!!! Contest will run until Saturday Jan 31st! Winners will be announced Tues feb 3rd!

IF for any chance they play their hearts out, like we know they will, and come up a little short, we will still giveaway ONE $75 Gift Cert and 12 Bonus images!!! SO ENTER and get as MANY entries as you can!

Here is how to enter:

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Here is the picture to repost/share (you can screen shot it here or from our accounts): image-3


Angie and Paul (and Evan and Owen)

*gift certificate are for full priced lifestyle session (family, lifestyle newborn, children and can also be applied towards senior but their rates are different than lifestyle sessions. not valid for weddings) which needs to be booked between feb. 2015 and End of June 2015. Lifestyle sessions are one hour, up to 5 people, location of choice between tacoma/puyallup up to renton. Out side of that travel area subject to small travel fee. Session comes with 20 high res images via digital download (no flash drive/disc will be given) THEN you will receive ANOTHER 12 images after that. Email us if you have any questions (


Love is in the air // tacoma couples photographer

You know the type of friend that you meet that will be a friend no matter what? You can live across the country, catch up a couple times a year and see each other once a year, but every time, you seem to just pick up where you left off? Well that is exactly the friendship of my husband Paul, and this handsome fellow Trevor. They have been friends for a long, long time. Trevor came home for the holidays with his gorgeous girl, Emme. And we knew we wanted to photograph them!! So we did!! And we had so much fun! Hope you enjoy these images as much as we loved taking them!!
































Now booking couples sessions!! You don’t have to be engaged to take pictures! Can’t wait to capture some great memories for you!




New Years at Photos by Angie and Paul // 2015…the year of simplifying

Hello there! Some of you may be confused about this post seeing as it is a WEEK pasted new years already and usually by now everyone has posted their new years resolutions. However, this post has been brewing for about 3-4 weeks now and it wasn’t until just recently that all has come completely clear! I have been reflecting a LOT these past few weeks and several unanswered questions still lingered until about a day or two ago. Well, let me first explain what i have been reflecting on. My whole life, I have been one of those to TAKE ON SO MUCH for as long as I can, then burn out for a quick minute and then pick right back up  almost exactly where I left off. I am almost always filling my days to the brim, interested in a million things and on the GO all the time. I really do not know how to live any other way. I almost think i thrive this way. But when I get to the burn out points, i realize that maybe, just maybe, this is not the best way to live. In 2014 I realized that i am more tired than usual, I don’t put myself first because of my long list of “must get done’s”, and I don’t get to do some of the things that I  WANT to do (like spend more quality time with my family or go to the gym, for example) because i have to “plan this, make that, edit this, ship that”…. and so on and so on, when in actuality i DONT HAVE to get all those things done. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a small business owner, creating art, making my own schedule and DOING WHAT I LOVE! But i think 2015 is all about scaling it all back. Back to the basics. Back to what I originally started. Back to making it the best it can be! And that of course, I am talking about the photography business, and about taking amazing pictures for amazing clients.

So what does this mean for me? Well, 2014 ROCKED my world, in both great and scary ways. With the birth of our second son, Owen, (in late 2013) he proved that 2 kids is WAY harder than just 1 kid. Owen has tested us in ways that Evan never did, pushed us to limits we didn’t know where there (he has also opened our hearts more than we ever thought they could open, but that is not what has had me asking these deeper questions). YET, with knowing this I still added or kept a ton of things on my plate this past year. SO I asked God to help me find the answers that i have been searching for this past year, to help me or show me how to get the most out of my life, to NOT be tired anymore, to put myself first when it comes to my health and so on. Finally it came to me, directly from Him, the answers i have been seeking. And here they are. It came to be that I NEED to simplify. I NEED to reduce some “work load”. BUT I also NEED to increase my income WHILE reducing my stress. For someone like myself and the way I live my life, this seemed to be an impossible task. But i am ready for the challenge!

How was I to do all of this? I sat on this question for a bit. Nothing really came clear to me. Simplify a busy person? Take away workload from a work-a-holic? Make more money?? For the past year I believed that a lot of my activities and choices would help that last part, the make more money part. In reflection, I have realized that it is actually the opposite. These “extras” are hindering me from making more money, taking up way more of my time, and not generating me any income. WHY AM I DOING THEM? well, thats easy, i enjoy them! BUT sometimes we can enjoy to many things. Sometimes I get carried away because I do enjoy SO MANY THINGS. It goes back to the basic knowledge that you can either be good at a lot of things or be GREAT at one thing. Well, I want to be GREAT at one thing….photography. I am so blessed and thankful for where my business has taken me BUT I want more! I have a lot of visions and ideas that i want for my photography business and I need to have the time to put into growing them! I am super excited about this. But this doesn’t come easy for me as i will have to sacrifice a few things that also bring me joy, but that is just the nature of the beast.

SO here it goes. For 2015, I will be going mostly digital in my photography business and also putting The COOL Click and Two Sides Collide on the back burner (for now). I started the COOL click about 3 years ago! It has been such an AMAZING part of my life and career. I have met SO MANY amazing photographers through this monthly meet up group that I now consider my good friends. I have learned things about myself, my skills, my business and I am so thankful for that! I am most sad about this but it is for the best for me at this present time. I will be able to take the time that I spent location scouting, finding models, and just flat out planning the event and apply that to growing my photography business.

Late last year I come up with a super fun side business called Two Sides Collide. I started creating hand made goodies for little babes and their mama’s. With the BOOM of instagram shops and my new found love for a sewing machine, it seemed like the next best thing to do! I even created a ONE OF A KIND scarf (called it the scarf-dana) that I still fully believe is a fabulous product! If i could patent it, i probably would. And I am not going to lie, I had visions of getting my scarf-dana mass produced and put into local retailers (I did go to college for fashion after all). BUT in actuality it ALSO is just taking too much time from my first passion, photography and taking time away from myself. So instead of shopping local fabric stores, cutting and sewing, then packaging and shipping products, I will invest that time into MYSELF! I will go to the gym, volunteer at my church, and spend more one on one time with my 3 boys (hubby and kiddos). I will finish out the fabrics that I have and create a few more products as I am mid process of my new products AND i have a few gift certificates that were given out at christmas time! But once those are fulfilled, then i will temporarily take down my store front!

Lastly, I am excited to go mostly digital for my photography business! I have decided that I am not quite ready to increase my pricing structure, but I still need to increase my income level. SO i have decided that ONLY full paying sessions will receive a flash drive of images but sessions will no longer includes the 4×6 gift prints that it used to. Also, ALL MINI SESSION or otherwise discounted sessions will only be sent via digital download. No flash drive or disc will be given. I also LOVE packaging my clients images almost as much as i love taking the images and I loved customizing each and every clients order! However by finding a fabulous BUT consistent packaging for ALL clients will reduce costs and also reduce the time it takes to make each clients package.

I fully believe that this will allow me to focus solely on Photos by Angie and Paul, get myself back to my pre-baby, healthy self, more time for me to spend with all of those most important to me, my friends and family, and for me to get out and explore this beautiful state that we live in. I am so pumped for 2015 and what it will bring. I know it will be hard, but it will be worth it. I will be sure to keep you all posted!

And since i am a photographer, i will leave you with some fabulous photos that I was able to capture on our fun family outing over the holidays! THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING, FOR BEING THERE and SUPPORTING ME ALL OF THESE YEARS!



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