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And we are just under ONE WEEK away from SUPER BOWL SUNDAY where our amazing team is competing again in HUGE HOPES for a DOUBLE Super Bowl win! #rePete 

In honor of this BIG moment we wanted to celebrate with a BIG giveaway! If they WIN we will be giving away THREE (in honor of the one and only Russell Wilson #3) $75 GIFT CERTIFICATES towards a lifestyle session PLUS 12 (in honor of the 12th man) BONUS DIGITAL images with your session*

THAT is a HUGE bonus!!! Contest will run until Saturday Jan 31st! Winners will be announced Tues feb 3rd!

IF for any chance they play their hearts out, like we know they will, and come up a little short, we will still giveaway ONE $75 Gift Cert and 12 Bonus images!!! SO ENTER and get as MANY entries as you can!

Here is how to enter:

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3. REPOST our picture on your instagram feed with the hashtag #angieandpaulgiveaway up to TWICE A DAY (one entry PER time you repost! Can be up to 12 entries if you post 2 times a day- must have hashtag to count)

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Here is the picture to repost/share (you can screen shot it here or from our accounts): image-3


Angie and Paul (and Evan and Owen)

*gift certificate are for full priced lifestyle session (family, lifestyle newborn, children and can also be applied towards senior but their rates are different than lifestyle sessions. not valid for weddings) which needs to be booked between feb. 2015 and End of June 2015. Lifestyle sessions are one hour, up to 5 people, location of choice between tacoma/puyallup up to renton. Out side of that travel area subject to small travel fee. Session comes with 20 high res images via digital download (no flash drive/disc will be given) THEN you will receive ANOTHER 12 images after that. Email us if you have any questions (


Love is in the air // tacoma couples photographer

You know the type of friend that you meet that will be a friend no matter what? You can live across the country, catch up a couple times a year and see each other once a year, but every time, you seem to just pick up where you left off? Well that is exactly the friendship of my husband Paul, and this handsome fellow Trevor. They have been friends for a long, long time. Trevor came home for the holidays with his gorgeous girl, Emme. And we knew we wanted to photograph them!! So we did!! And we had so much fun! Hope you enjoy these images as much as we loved taking them!!
































Now booking couples sessions!! You don’t have to be engaged to take pictures! Can’t wait to capture some great memories for you!




New Years at Photos by Angie and Paul // 2015…the year of simplifying

Hello there! Some of you may be confused about this post seeing as it is a WEEK pasted new years already and usually by now everyone has posted their new years resolutions. However, this post has been brewing for about 3-4 weeks now and it wasn’t until just recently that all has come completely clear! I have been reflecting a LOT these past few weeks and several unanswered questions still lingered until about a day or two ago. Well, let me first explain what i have been reflecting on. My whole life, I have been one of those to TAKE ON SO MUCH for as long as I can, then burn out for a quick minute and then pick right back up  almost exactly where I left off. I am almost always filling my days to the brim, interested in a million things and on the GO all the time. I really do not know how to live any other way. I almost think i thrive this way. But when I get to the burn out points, i realize that maybe, just maybe, this is not the best way to live. In 2014 I realized that i am more tired than usual, I don’t put myself first because of my long list of “must get done’s”, and I don’t get to do some of the things that I  WANT to do (like spend more quality time with my family or go to the gym, for example) because i have to “plan this, make that, edit this, ship that”…. and so on and so on, when in actuality i DONT HAVE to get all those things done. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a small business owner, creating art, making my own schedule and DOING WHAT I LOVE! But i think 2015 is all about scaling it all back. Back to the basics. Back to what I originally started. Back to making it the best it can be! And that of course, I am talking about the photography business, and about taking amazing pictures for amazing clients.

So what does this mean for me? Well, 2014 ROCKED my world, in both great and scary ways. With the birth of our second son, Owen, (in late 2013) he proved that 2 kids is WAY harder than just 1 kid. Owen has tested us in ways that Evan never did, pushed us to limits we didn’t know where there (he has also opened our hearts more than we ever thought they could open, but that is not what has had me asking these deeper questions). YET, with knowing this I still added or kept a ton of things on my plate this past year. SO I asked God to help me find the answers that i have been searching for this past year, to help me or show me how to get the most out of my life, to NOT be tired anymore, to put myself first when it comes to my health and so on. Finally it came to me, directly from Him, the answers i have been seeking. And here they are. It came to be that I NEED to simplify. I NEED to reduce some “work load”. BUT I also NEED to increase my income WHILE reducing my stress. For someone like myself and the way I live my life, this seemed to be an impossible task. But i am ready for the challenge!

How was I to do all of this? I sat on this question for a bit. Nothing really came clear to me. Simplify a busy person? Take away workload from a work-a-holic? Make more money?? For the past year I believed that a lot of my activities and choices would help that last part, the make more money part. In reflection, I have realized that it is actually the opposite. These “extras” are hindering me from making more money, taking up way more of my time, and not generating me any income. WHY AM I DOING THEM? well, thats easy, i enjoy them! BUT sometimes we can enjoy to many things. Sometimes I get carried away because I do enjoy SO MANY THINGS. It goes back to the basic knowledge that you can either be good at a lot of things or be GREAT at one thing. Well, I want to be GREAT at one thing….photography. I am so blessed and thankful for where my business has taken me BUT I want more! I have a lot of visions and ideas that i want for my photography business and I need to have the time to put into growing them! I am super excited about this. But this doesn’t come easy for me as i will have to sacrifice a few things that also bring me joy, but that is just the nature of the beast.

SO here it goes. For 2015, I will be going mostly digital in my photography business and also putting The COOL Click and Two Sides Collide on the back burner (for now). I started the COOL click about 3 years ago! It has been such an AMAZING part of my life and career. I have met SO MANY amazing photographers through this monthly meet up group that I now consider my good friends. I have learned things about myself, my skills, my business and I am so thankful for that! I am most sad about this but it is for the best for me at this present time. I will be able to take the time that I spent location scouting, finding models, and just flat out planning the event and apply that to growing my photography business.

Late last year I come up with a super fun side business called Two Sides Collide. I started creating hand made goodies for little babes and their mama’s. With the BOOM of instagram shops and my new found love for a sewing machine, it seemed like the next best thing to do! I even created a ONE OF A KIND scarf (called it the scarf-dana) that I still fully believe is a fabulous product! If i could patent it, i probably would. And I am not going to lie, I had visions of getting my scarf-dana mass produced and put into local retailers (I did go to college for fashion after all). BUT in actuality it ALSO is just taking too much time from my first passion, photography and taking time away from myself. So instead of shopping local fabric stores, cutting and sewing, then packaging and shipping products, I will invest that time into MYSELF! I will go to the gym, volunteer at my church, and spend more one on one time with my 3 boys (hubby and kiddos). I will finish out the fabrics that I have and create a few more products as I am mid process of my new products AND i have a few gift certificates that were given out at christmas time! But once those are fulfilled, then i will temporarily take down my store front!

Lastly, I am excited to go mostly digital for my photography business! I have decided that I am not quite ready to increase my pricing structure, but I still need to increase my income level. SO i have decided that ONLY full paying sessions will receive a flash drive of images but sessions will no longer includes the 4×6 gift prints that it used to. Also, ALL MINI SESSION or otherwise discounted sessions will only be sent via digital download. No flash drive or disc will be given. I also LOVE packaging my clients images almost as much as i love taking the images and I loved customizing each and every clients order! However by finding a fabulous BUT consistent packaging for ALL clients will reduce costs and also reduce the time it takes to make each clients package.

I fully believe that this will allow me to focus solely on Photos by Angie and Paul, get myself back to my pre-baby, healthy self, more time for me to spend with all of those most important to me, my friends and family, and for me to get out and explore this beautiful state that we live in. I am so pumped for 2015 and what it will bring. I know it will be hard, but it will be worth it. I will be sure to keep you all posted!

And since i am a photographer, i will leave you with some fabulous photos that I was able to capture on our fun family outing over the holidays! THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING, FOR BEING THERE and SUPPORTING ME ALL OF THESE YEARS!



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First Annual Boudoir Event // Tacoma boudoir photographer

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! I am super duper thrilled to have this be my FIRST blog of the new year! Are you ready to give that someone special in your life the best Valentines present? Are you ready to feel amazing about yourself? Then this event is for you!

ANGIE of photos by Angie and Paul has teamed up with Tiffany of Sweet P Beauty for this exciting and one of kind experience for you! Tiffany has many years of experience, and in your 30 min beauty session, will accentuate your natural beauty, through sexy and tasteful makeup and hair, that will photograph perfectly! Angie will make you feel comfortable and make the experience fun, and photograph you in the most flattering ways! You will walk away feeling confident, sexy and strong! ALL body types are able to participate (and encouraged!). There will be bubbly and bites for you too! This will be a relaxed and comfortable environment as it will be held in a private studio in tacoma. (location and session details will be sent after payment is collected)

We cannot tell you how excited we are to offer this AMAZING event at an UNBEATABLE intro price! DONT WAIT to book as they will fill up! We have a spectacular event planned for you! If you are ready to book read on below! IF you are on the fence but have some make up/ hair questions you can email Tiffany at:

IF you have some photography related questions first you can email me (Angie) at:

To book: you will have to pay full payment to hold your spot. NO refunds will be given unless you can fill your session with another client. You can use the paypal button below. Once a time is booked it will no longer allow that time to be an option so come prepared with 2 times that may work for you! :)final

                                                       EVENT DATE WILL BE JAN 31st, 2015

Times available



Angie and Tiffany!

The Cool Click November Meet up // monthly photographer meet ups

Hey all! Here are the latest images from our November meet up! These are super special today BECAUSE some of these pictures posted are taken by our amazingly talented 5 year old!!! He has picked up our backup camera and is literally taking pictures (in auto of course)! His own pictures. He was posing shots, talking with/guiding our (amazing) models and also interacting with the other photographers. Everyday he amazes me! GO EVAN!

Also a special thanks to everyone (photographers and models) that made it out that day as it was ICE COLD…We met in Tacoma at the Spanish steps and ventured a little around that area (my favorite area of Tacoma to photograph). And here are the shots we at Photos by Angie and Paul (and Evan) captured! Can you tell which are Evans? IMG_0381-2 IMG_0385-2 IMG_0390 IMG_0395 IMG_0401 IMG_0422 IMG_0438 IMG_0447 IMG_0449-2 IMG_0451 IMG_4540 IMG_4555 IMG_4590 IMG_4603 IMG_4620 IMG_4633 IMG_4648 IMG_4663 Z18A7546 Z18A7550 Z18A7553 Z18A7565 Z18A7575 Z18A7580 Z18A7593 Z18A7595 Z18A7645 Z18A7656 Z18A7668 Z18A7681 Z18A7683 Z18A7691-2 Z18A7691Z18A7701-2 Z18A7709 Z18A7725 Z18A7732Z18A7737 Z18A7750 Z18A7763


Hope you enjoyed these images! We sure enjoyed taking them! If you are interested in coming to a Meet up hosted by the COOL Click! Go ahead and email us at We would love to have you!