MINI’S ARE HEREEEEE! // Photos by Angie and Paul annual mini session schedule

Its my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!!!!! Fall weather, Pumpkin spice everything, boots and scarves galore and more!

NOTE FOR ALL MINIS: All mini’s will include 9.5% tax rate. They will ALL have images sent via DOWNLOAD LINK (no disc or flash drive will be given).

This also means its time for our mini session! And this year we are so excited to add a new mini session to our line up! We will do our annual fall mini’s and our tree farm holiday mini’s but this year we have added PNW mini’s!!!

FIRST UP: FALL MINI’S SATURDAY OCT 3rd! **************SOLD OUT!!!********************Oct3rdfallminis

Ok, we moved up this date so they are only a couple weeks away, but with this super hot summer we had we are nervous that the trees will change colors faster and leaves will fall soon! We already are seeing a lot of fall color foliage! We will have limited spaces so SIGN UP QUICKLY! They will be $225 plus tax and include 10 high res digital images. Discounts on add’l images and print products will also be available!

To secure your spot, book sooner than later! You can do that by clicking below!

Select a time and then hit BUY NOW! I will try and update the times taken as I can so that you know what times are still open (but if you get re-directed to my website, that time slot is taken!)

NEXT UP! Our NEW PNW mini sessions!!!! SAT OCT 24TH
************SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE************************


These are going to be SO FUN and will be SHOT RAIN OR SHINE, since hey, thats the PNW for you! Be prepared to bring your rain jackets, weatherproof shoes and umbrella’s! These will be in the thick, lush forest that we are so blessed to have here in our back yard!

To secure your spot, book sooner than later! You can do that by clicking below!

Select a time and then hit BUY NOW! I will try and update the times taken as I can so that you know what times are still open (but if you get re-directed to my website, that time slot is taken!)

PNW mini times available


LASTLY, SAT NOVEMBER 28TH, our ANNUAL holiday mini session at our favorite Tree Farm!!!!

LAST YEAR WE GOT SNOW!!!!! Fingers crossed we do again because it was PERFECT! These are the FIRST sat AFTER THANKSGIVING and we promise SUPER fast turnaround time so you can use them for your Christmas Cards! These are always a favorite, DONT wait to book!

holiday mini


To secure your spot, book sooner than later! You can do that by clicking below!

Select a time and then hit BUY NOW! I will try and update the times taken as I can so that you know what times are still open (but if you get re-directed to my website, that time slot is taken!)

Holiday mini times available

We Look forward to your session!!! We will send email instructions with confirmation of location, clothing suggestions, and more! Please feel free to contact us with any questions!!!

My Big First Grader!! // federal way family photographer

Well, here it is! Evan is Back to School! My big, huge, grown up, 6 but almost 7 year old boy back to the daily grind! We had a fabulous, busy but sometimes lazy, vacation and playdate and exploring filled summer! It was our FIRST summer post a school year. And, i’ll tell you, its a bit different! I learned (the FIRST day of summer) just how accustomed to daily activities and structure Evan had become! It was very quickly apparent that my summer would mainly revolve around him (and his adorable little brother). And ya know, I was TOTALLY fine with that! It didnt take me long to remember that this time is precious and fleeting. I wanted to be able to remember his FIRST summer post a full school year! I am blessed and thankful and happy that I have a career that will allow me to step back and enjoy this time. We, as a family are also SO STINKING lucky to have a husband/dad that works SO hard for this family which is also big reason my career can allow me to take a step back!

Anywho, Last year right before Kindergarten I was so emotional over this NEXT big step that I decided to take him to his future school and take his “going into kindergarten” photos! Well i LOVE how they turned out! Missed that post? See it here!! And then I also decided to document the actual first day of Kindergarten (well as much as i could) and you can see that HERE! And since that was so therapeutic for me, I made the decision that it would happen every year! So about a week ago, I took the boys to Evans school and did his “going into first grade” shoot and it did not disappoint! I was able to sneak Owen in for a few shots too! AH! Love these two! Here are a few of my favorites from this session. Z18A1195 Z18A1199 Z18A1231 Z18A1242 Z18A1252 Z18A1281 Z18A1283 Z18A1334

had a chance to add Owen into a few! :)Z18A1382 Z18A1389-Edit Z18A1419-Edit Z18A1464 Z18A1481 Z18A1491 Z18A1521 Z18A1528 Z18A1535 Z18A1538 Z18A1565 Z18A1618 Z18A1629-Edit


He is such a ham and as a photog mom I LOVE IT!!!!! He basically posed most of those shots himself!!!!! Seriously a little stud muffin/rock star/back to school model!! HAHA!

Then on the morning of his first day…..

Z18A4081-Edit Z18A4088-Edit Z18A4090-Edit Z18A4093-Edit Z18A4095-Edit Z18A4098-Edit Z18A4102-Edit

We even did a fun craft to get some Seahawks “bling” for his backpack!


Right before going in!!


YAHOO! His best friend from Kindergarten is in his SAME class! ANNNND their teacher is even letting them pick their own desks! Wonder if these two will end up next to each other? (said in a joking tone! haha, of course they will)Z18A4112

First glimpse of his room! A monster theme! Perfect… Evan loved it (and so did i)Z18A4124

Settling in JUST FINE!  (seriously, why does he look like a teenager here???)

Z18A4115 Z18A4119

Owen was taking in the sights too! Waited patiently for me to send off Evan and meet his teacher! Thanks babe!Z18A4122 Well! This year has officially started! We are thrilled for him! We met his teacher and she seems fabulous!

So excited for what is to come for this energetic, smart, talented, caring and very transparent child of mine! EVAN, love you to the moon and back (100 times)….


mom and dad


About Stinking Time!!!

OK…… So quite some months back Paul and I were talking about our brand. What we love, what we represent, our style and does where we are from play a factor in who we are and what our brand is? Well, we firmly believe that we were not fully representing US with the current brand/image. We LOVE our logo, website and all that but its not fully us. Maybe more so me (Angie), and not as much Paul, but definitely not us as a whole. And well, we are Photos By Angie AND Paul so we found it only fitting to “rebrand” one more time. I use “” because we really are not rebranding but more refreshing our look! We will keep the website format but finally update the photos on the site, and come out with a new logo!!!! We hired Bella Lulu Ink to create a new logo for us! When they asked us what we wanted them to create for us, we didnt have a full vision yet just words and images that we felt best to describe us. All of those words and images had to do with the PNW! We are both born and raised here, LOVE it here and get out and explore as much as we can here. I LOVE the overcast skies that we get most often, we love the tall green trees and all of the amazing nature that we have all around us. We love that we can go to a beach, drive to a mountain, take gorgeous hike and much more right out side our doorsteps! And these past few years, we have noticed that we are really trying to incorporate that love into our images. What they sent back to us as a rough draft was actually almost perfect. With a little bit of tweaking, WE FOUND OUR NEW LOGO. Some of you may have noticed it on a few of the latest photos that we have posted! Its pretty rad. It has a font we love, and the graphic is of a mountain with trees on either side. Talk about us. We are pretty stoked and are ready to get this out there. The site is still a work in progress BUT we love it! And so with out waiting any longer, here is a few snap shots of the new logo on the somewhat updated site:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.30.24 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.30.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.31.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.31.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.31.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.31.57 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.32.24 PM


So we have changed the logo, the colors and some of the images. More changes and switches to come but we were so anxious to get this OUT NOW!!!!! YAHOO!!! Hope you all like it! We are happy with this representation of us and our brand!
Thanks for all of your support over the years, It means so much!

Angie and Paul!!!!!


Field Sunset Mini Session // Federal way Photographer

OK… I took a gander at the 10 day weather forecast and OMGosh….Its going to be a hot ten days! YAY! Summer is in full effect! So this will guarantee some GORGEOUS sunsets like the one I had when photographing my beautiful sister and niece the other night! It made me want to run a surprise summer sunset mini sessions since we will not have to worry about getting a sunset! So here it is: FOUR dates available Friday (tomorrow), and Next tues, wed, and thurs at a field in Federal way, starting at 745pm (so you will have time to get home and eat and get ready if you have to work). FULL payment is due at time of booking and is Non-refundable (unless you can find someone to fill your spot) but is transferable. Once session is booked I will send all session info via email! :) THESE WILL BE AMAZING… DONT miss out! I doubt I will have time to run these again for the rest of the summer time!

I have also created a little clothing inspiration board for you to look at as well! click here. 



blog blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5



Pick available time slot (one of each) and then click Buy Now. (if time is taken it will direct you to my website…I will try to update as I can)

Available dates

NOTE: no credits OR other discounts can be applied to this special rate.

Class of 2015 // WSU Grad // Auburn Senior Photographer

Well I had the most amazing opportunity to take college senior portraits for the beautiful Amanda! She is a class of 2015 WSU college grad. We did her initial portraits in some AMAZING hand made traditional Samoan outfits. Take a look at these magnificent pieces.Z18A9462-2 Z18A9533 Z18A9542 Z18A9633-2 Z18A9642 Z18A9653 Z18A9680 Z18A9708Z18A9837Z18A9777Z18A9945Z18A9940


Then a month or so later I was invited to capture the amazing celebration at the Muckleshoot Casino. The incredible event was planned by mom and  Pink Blossom Events.

I have posted some images on my business Facebook page that you can see here. I also created this fun little video that i would love to share with you too! Would love for you to watch it!



There were many amazing vendor at this fun event as well! Everyone was SUCH a pleasure to work with and did such amazing jobs! Check them out too!

cake and cake pops: Hey-Sweets

dj and lighting: Adam’s DJ Service

balloon decor: Balloon Masters

flowers: Fena Flowers

THANKS for stopping by!